Koch Industries Funding – A Small Summary

Today I looked up Koch Industries website to see what consumer products we buy from these menaces. Koch Industries is huge, but some familiar names come up that we can boycott. The more information that comes out about how they have funded the assault on the Obama Administration, and important legislation in Congress, the madder I get.

The Koch’s are responsible for funding and organizing the Tea Party who have decided to shut down the Government if they don’t get their way with the Affordable Care Act.

Koch Industries

They operate the “Americans for Prosperity” Freedom Works and Tea Party anti-government groups that undermine our Democracy. They are also responsible for anti – government websites and organizations; fabrications of the facts on dirty energy, and anti-cap n trade propaganda coming our way.

They are funding anti-EPA advertising and campaign contributions (because they are one of the biggest polluters in the nation); anti-consumer protection regulations and obviously they benefit from lax regulations on business. And, they send Congressional Republicans “Position Papers” to threaten and bribe them to be sure to vote right or they will “Primary” them with a swamp-full of money!

They are also responsible for funding the recalls of two Democratic Legislators in Colorado who dared to put restrictions on assault weapons. Their influence is pervasive just like their money. When they call a meeting the Right listens. Scalia and Clarence Thomas, along with Limbaugh, Beck and others just attended a meeting the Koch Brothers called.

No doubt so that they could get their marching orders. Today, the pitch from all the congressional sellouts has given them new words like “Slavery” when discussing the Affordable Care Act and “there is no such thing as a Debt Ceiling”. Right, that’s why our credit rating took a hit in 2011- the last time they got stupid!

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