“I have a dream, that this evil bitch Hillary will never be our President!” -Martin Luther King Jr. (not that one)

What Can I Do? 

First and foremost – always speak your mind.  The media might not want to talk about Clinton lies, focusing instead on the latest distraction.  Do your research, remember what’s at stake – and always feel empowered by the truth.

Our Gear, Your Campaign
This is how politics works – simple messaging, repeatedly frequently, distributed widely.  That’s why Hillary for Prison exists – to serve as a merchandising and messaging HQ for your campaign efforts.  Products you can trust, news you can use, and a community of like-minded truth-seekers and sayers.

  • Signs for your yard or business let the world know you’re on the right side of history, no matter what happens in November.
  • Stickers that let you conduct your own guerrilla marketing campaign, putting your message on display for the entire world to see. They’re also a cheap and easy way to spread the word with fellow Hillary for Prison fans.
  • Clothing designed to make people think twice.  First glance, you’re just another Hillary supporter, while a second glance tells you real truth about your views.  Start a conversation, win an argument, or just turn some heads.

Educate and Activate
While our high-quality stuff is perfect for letting the world know where you stand on HRC, it’s all part of an ongoing conversation.  Each new day peels a new layer of the onion back, leaving the rest of us to mostly cry.  But America demands more than that – time to stop sobbing and get to work!

  • Follow Hillary’s legal journey in the news. Use Google Alerts and other free tools to find those stories the mainstream media tries to hide behind videos of baby pandas and the ongoing discussion about whether or not black, white, blue, purple, or green lives matter.
  • Look for opportunities to engage Clintonistas and their dirty lies.  Truth is on your side, so don’t be afraid to fight!
  • Never lose your sense of humor.  If we can’t laugh about the mess we’re in, no matter how dirty it gets – all is lost.