What are you going to do about it?

“I have a dream, that this evil bitch Hillary will never be our President!” -Martin Luther King Jr. (not that one)

alcatraz prison block

What can I do to help you guys?

It sounds simple, but you just need to get the message out. Your best friend and your family probably already know the truth about Hillary. What about the others? The simplest way, the one that we believe in, is with a sign and bumper sticker. It’s the same way politicians promote themselves, so this is the same way we choose to promote the lawful conviction of Hillary. But you don’t need to stop there, there are many ways you can spread the word. Our founder says, “It’s your right as an American to be more American than others. If they’re pro-Hillary, they’re anti-liberty.”

Bumper Stickers speak your mind.

Bumper stickers are a fun and easy way to voice your opinion. The stickers are designed to look official at first glance, then blow liberal’s minds once they actually read what it says. One customer wrote, “I noticed that people were giving me a thumbs up when I was driving, it took a minute to register that it was for my sticker. People let me change lanes when I put my blinker on. That’s new! I’ve since gotten extra stickers and signs for my friends.”

A “Hillary for Prison” Yard Sign makes a local impact in the community.

A yard sign is geared more towards the community, YOUR community. And it turns out you’re not alone. One customer said, “As soon as I put mine up, the neighbours around me came and told me how much they loved my sign. We really connected over this. I don’t want to say that I’m going to save this country from the clutches of Hillary with just my yard sign, but you can’t prove that I’m not either. Hillary for Prison 2016!”